Monday Fixtures

Week 2 – 27/8/18


Inter Mi Van FC Cojones 6.30
NTS A Big Bertha Berlin A 7.00
Multiple Scorgasms A Servilla Foot Cramps 7.00
Meltham A About to get Messi A 7.00


Hell in Lascelles SucMatip 6.30
Chump Dog Galacticos A Chamakh My Pitch Up 8.00
Girtha Berlin Team Dom 8.00
Exeter Gently Bolster Morons 6.30

League Three

Chump Dog Galacticos B GapD 7.30
GapC Big Bertha Berlin B 7.30
Multiple Scorgasms B Meltham B 7.30
About to get Messi B NTS B 7.30

Updated 20/8/18