Thursday Fixtures


Week 8- 21st June 2018


About to get Messi A White Cottage A 8.00
Bramble FC Paulo 7.30
Hardly Ath A Inter Holmfirth 7.00
gap Paralympiakos 7.00
Inter Joes Da Inter ya Mam A 8.00


Smell my Cheese A AFC Roundabout A 8.00
Multiple Scorgasms A Rat & Ratchet 7.30
Wanyamas in Pyjamas OAP 8.30
Only here for the Beer Jumbocodandchips 7.00
AUS Allstars Chubby Chasers 9.00

Reserve League

About to get Messi B AFC Roundabout B 8.30
Smell my Cheese B Hardly Ath B 7.30
Multiple Scorgasms B GaP 7.00
Inter ya Mam B White Cottage B 8.30

Updated 14/6/18