Thursday Fixtures

Week 16 – Thursday 16th January 2020


Bramble Inter Ya Mam 7.30
White Cottage Inter Joes Da 7.00
Kroos Control OAP Utd 8.30
GAP Ballerz 6.30
Multiple Scoregasms FC Paulo 8.30


*Petr Cech Your Pants The Inbetweeners 7.00
Eagle Roofing Gangster’s Allardyce 7.30
Smell My Cheese Five Guys Fc 7.30
Class of XI Largentina 7.00
Only Here For The Beer Ivory Toast 8.30


League One

The Inbetweeners White Cottage 6.30
Multiple Scoregasms Inter Ya Mam 8.00
Inter Joes Da Largentina 6.30
Smell My Cheese Gangster’s Allardyce 8.00
OAP Eagle Roofing 8.00