Thursday Fixtures

Week 7 – 25th January 2018


FC Paulo Hardly Athletic A 7.00
Inter Holmfirth PBW FC A 6.30
Bramble White Cottage Cars A 7.00
About to get Messi A GAP 8.00
GAP 2 AFC Roundabout A 8.00

League 1

Parolympiakos PBW FC B 7.00
Hardly Athletic B White Cottage Cars B 6.30
Multiple Scoregasms A Werder Beermen 7.30
AFC Roundabout B Smell My Cheese A 7.30
About to get Messi B Touch Like Jonny 7.30

League 2

SBE FC Only Here For The Beer 8.30
AUS Allstars Chubby Chasers 8.30
OAP United Wanyamas in Pyjamas 8.30
Rat & Ratchet Smell My Cheese B 8.00
Multiple Scoregasm B Meltham FC 8.00